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A Charitable Approach to Health and Wellness

2020 has been quite a year. At Svetraining we have worked closely with you and your families to ensure through the ups and downs we stay on our feet, healthy, and strong. However, as we have stayed strong as a community this year Svetraining wanted to pay tribute to those who have fought to keep all families healthy during the hardships we have faced in the past year. This holiday season Svetraining eagerly made a generous donation to those working on the frontline, in support of Winchester Hospital's Healthcare Heroes.

The $1,000 donation made to the Beth Israel Lahey Health Hospital will directly support the immediate efforts of the hospital to direct necessary resources and respond immediately to needs as they emerge in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Svet, the owner of Svetraining, expresses his gratitude to those who are working on the frontline. “We want to support the frontline workers who are battling the hardest for the well-being of your families and their own. They deserve the most respect and this is just a small token of appreciation for all their efforts.”

After a year full of adversity and hardships, Svetraining holds true to their forward-thinking and positive initiatives to support and guide others to personal well-being. As 2020 closes out, supporting the human initiative has never been more prevalent in our minds than now. Here’s to a resounding finish to the year, and the continuation of humble growth and supporting the ones that make it happen.

To learn more on how you can make an impact visit, Winchester Hospital Creates Healthcare Heroes Fund for COVID-19.

Svetraining goes above and beyond, to focus on the instrumental aspects of fitness to achieve results. Through years of experience and knowledge, Svetraining provides incomparable services to all demographics. Based on many accounts of proven results, Svetraining works with you to drive, and conquer your health and fitness goals.

Founded in 2013 by industry veteran Svet Wilson ATC/PTA, Svetraining continues to grow and guide clients to find health and fitness success.

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