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Svetraining: The Difference You Need

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Why is SVETRAINING different?

At Svetraining, I take the initiative to prioritize each client individually with the mentality that anyone who walks through the door becomes my full responsibility. Each client goes through an assessment where it becomes my undertaking to understand the specific weaknesses, and deficits, a client may be encountering and and where they stem from. Understanding the shortfalls a person is facing physically is an important step in developing potential and strengthening weaknesses. Each client is treated individually based on their fitness goals and physical capabilities – whether you are working one-on-one or in a group session, classes are tailored to the individual.

So how can I back up the promise Svetraining is different? Through my extensive experience as a licensed Athletic Trainer and licensed Physical Therapy Assistant; I have studied and practiced maximizing function of the human body through corrective exercise. Proper body mechanics cannot be achieved without adequate body mobility, followed by overall joint stability. Through corrective exercise tailored to individuals, proper body function is achieved, and injury is minimized. It is my goal to use my extensive knowledge and experience to avoid injury and build muscle/joint strength from the core out.

My understanding of body function and mobility allows me to assess clients through simple functions such as walking, running, arm raises, or squats. In assessment of these functions I observe factors limiting individual body function and tailor proper exercise routines to help clients achieve overall health and fitness goals.

Convinced? Contact Svetraining today for your first FREE training assessment and let’s get moving.

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