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Svetraining Wins 2020 BONS Award

Svetraining places on the 15th annual Best of the North Shore (BONS 2020) List in Personal Training and Boot Camp categories.

Danvers, MA – July 29th, 2020

Danvers, Massachusetts-based business Svetraining won readers’ choice award on the Best of the North Shore’s annual BONS list, an elite ranking of the North Shores picks for the best dining, nightlife, entertainment venues, fitness, spas, and services. Svetraining won readers’ choice in two categories, Personal Training and Boot Camp.

Svet Wilson ATC/PTA Owner of Svetraining has seen over 10 years of success in the fitness industry and is elated to accept an award in these two categories. Svet has gained extraordinary respect for his ability to customize workouts based on the person; training a diverse group of clients at all fitness levels.

Svet Wilson, Owner of Svetraining, points to excitement and gratitude in recent success.

“I am very excited to be named to the BONS 2020 list in two categories. I am extremely passionate about the work that I do in the gym and am so grateful to all the people who have supported Svetraining year after year. We did it!”

Natasha, Client at Svetraining, raves about Svetraining’s commitment to client achievement.

“Svetraining is the best place to work out for all ages and strength levels. Svet gets to know you and personalizes each of your workouts based on your strengths and weaknesses. He learns your needs and understands your bodies shortcomings whether their due to injury or just body’s limitations. The positive workout environment and people at Svetraining become like family. We all support each other. If you love an early a.m. group workout or an afternoon one-on-one session Svet makes it happen and the workout will be personalized with your strengths and weakness in mind. 8 years training with Svet and I can’t imagine not having Svetraining in my life. I am sure that speaks for many of Svet’s clients and why Svetraining was voted 2020 Best of the North Shore.”

Svetraining goes above and beyond, to focus on the instrumental aspects of fitness to achieve results. Through years of experience and knowledge Svetraining provides incomparable services to all demographics. Based on many accounts of proven results, Svetraining works with you to drive, and conquer your health and fitness goals.

Founded in 2013 by industry veteran Svet Wilson ATC/PTA, Svetraining continues to grow and guide clients to find health and fitness success.


Get in the gym today to start crushing your goals with Svetraining! Contact us, for your FREE first workout!

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